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so ive narrowed my choice to three guitars, i like them all, but i wanna get most for my money...

1Schecter Revenger
or Schecter Demon (same guitars, different shapes)

2.Ibanez sa260

3. epiphone explorer

which one of these in your opinion is the most superior quality, and would be best to play in stock (dont wanna buy pickups)

i would like some honest opinons, as neutreal as possible, not like ''ibanez is the pwnzorz (some high end), so u shud take that''

many thanks, and all comments are more than welcome!
oh yeah, and note that this is mostly for metalish rhythm, with lead possobilities
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I believe you would be very happy with the Ibanez. Good hot pickups for metal and a very playable guitar. I've got a lower-end Ibanez and it feels better to me than alot of the high-end stuff I've played.
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I love Epi's, and I'm biased, so naturally I'm going to choose them.

However, in this case I'd go for the Schecter.
hm, thing is im not too keen with the ibanez, but im not sure why. i admit i havent played many, if any...but they're too common, so i like to be...original...

that might sound lame, but then i like the fact that the schet has got active pickups...but how are the duncan designed pickups ?

ive heard that the pickups on this particular ibanez need changing.
The Schecter is the best on on the list IMO., and I'll agree with you on that Ibanez are way too common, every guitarist and their dog has one.
Do you think there is a reason loads of people have one? Same with fender etc, I wouldn't say fender or gibson are less popular. Just people don't think it.
^ um, yes, but i still dont like the way they look, and the fact that they are one of the largest manufacturers (usually large manufactureres make their work more sloppy)

i like to be different.
The Schecters have floyd rose, active pickups, jumbo frets and better looking. If I were you I'ld go for the Schecter without thinking twice.

Between the Revenger an the Demon, I'ld go for the Revenger, although it's up to personal taste as the only thing different is the look.

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I dont care for ibanez personally, alot of people like them, and thats fine. I would just go and try them all and see which guitar begs you to buy it. You might even want to look at some of the ESP LTD guitars. they are quite nice for the money.
explorer shape is win. =O!
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Haven't read the thread but probaly it is

Get the schecter!
next guy: No lulz schecter sukz lolz A7x lolol getz dah ibanez

hereby schecter revenger
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