Good or not? I'm considering buying it.
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great guitar. Some people don't like emg's so you should make sure that you like them. I think they are great. I have an EC-400 and can tell you ESP LTD makes good guitars, especially the 400 series and up. I've had no complaints. I've played the LTD MH-400 (with the floyd). It was awesome. Very well made. Perfect finish. Great hardware and electronics. Anyway I'm starting to sound like a salesman
My brother just purchased a black MH-1000 and it is an awesome guitar! it just feels like a quality piece of gear, and plays great! Low action, great sustain, solid feeling neck, smooth fretboard.

The overall construction difference between the 400 and the 1000's is small. I have played an H-400 and it also felt and played very nicely, it just wasnt as elaborately finished as the 1000 model.

The EMG's are not the best clean pickups, but they excel at rock and metal.

What I am saying is, yeah it is a great guitar IMO...
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