Hey, I feel like learning some classical guitar, but I don't feel like taking a lesson or anything. Is there any online resource that could help a beginner learn how to play the classical guitar? Or would I have to buy a book or take lessons?
I can already read sheet music slowly, and I know GuitarPro lets you see the sheet music for a song along with its tabs, but I guess I just don't know where to start, like if there's a particularly good artists for beginners to try to emulate.
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Proper classical guitar will require lessons

It's impossible to teach yourself and be 100% correct, a classically trained teacher should be able to catch things you won't and help you correct them.

Also, we have a classical/acoustic guitar section here
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You guys are forgetting the most important part of sounding like Alexi.
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Well, if you are new to guitar I will just tell you it is tough. Here is a website with some tabs: http://www.classtab.org/. Throw away your pick and be prepared to play extremley slowly at first. Also, probably go straight to Beethoven or Mozart so you know what they sound like.