ok i have uploaded this video to youtube and want peoples opinion and constructive criticism on what is gd wats bad and how i can improve its all improvised and been told it starts out really gd and ends well but middle is a bit repetetive any advice u can give is very much appreciate i wud rather u didnt just say it is rubbish u can if u want but rather u gave advice on how i can improve thank you all

It's not bad, but it's not cool enough to fill 4:25. You seem to get stuck in the same 3 positions and play the same rhythms over and over again. That seems to work for the Allman Brothers, but not for the rest of us. Change up your rhythms every once in awhile, find a few more notes or a way to rearrange the ones you're using, and it'll be better.
hmm yeah i can see wat u mean i cant seem 2 stop using same note paterns within the scales but will just have 2 mess around more and learn 2 mix it up
the advice i always give my self is KISS: keep it short stupid! but other wise pretty rockin man
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It sounds pretty good. Keep it up. Try maybe using some bends/vibrato. And don't get caught in an 8th note rut (as in many consecutive 8th notes without a break). The note selection follows the song very well, but it would be hard to listen to for a long time because of the continuous notes. I love your note selection, though. Keep it up. Check my music out, too.
Preety cool man.

But as others said you seem to be stuck in 3 positions.

Try getting out of the boxes and play on the whole neck instead of playing in boxes.
It was quite repetitive. Try using more techniques in your playing. Tapping,thrilling, sweeping tremolo picking and try to add some 16th note runs to because your just using 8ths all the time.

Keep it up man.

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