He might pick in a different styles? I've heard of people who pick, and mute the string straight after, with their ring finger, a bit like sweep picking, but just in normal picking.
well, wikipedia says he uses a style called chicken lickin pickin (thats gotta be made up) and if you look at him his arm is held differently to most people, its absolutely solid, as though he picks from his elbow rather than his knuckles.

cors that sed, im a noob, so i cud be rong
^Chicken pickin is a real style, used mostly by country and banjo players.
Thats probably why it looks so weird.
I read somewhere that Zakk Wylde's picking is like Gypsy Jazz technique, where the pick moves in a circular motion. In any case, circular picking is not a pre-requisite to playing his sort of runs. Check out 'Technical Difficulties' by Paul Gilbert or the second lead part in Nemesis by Arch Enemy as examples to hear solos containing exactly the same form of licks as Zakk's pentatonic two note per string stylings but played with a normal pick motion.

Hope that helps
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