Ok, I'm in a bit of a predicament here. Being the immoral bastard I am, I downloaded the new killers album a couple of months ago. Anyway, after a while i decided the best track was 'for reasons unknown' and on telling my friend this, he said he couldn't understand why. So I played him the song, and he said it wasn't the version he had (and he bought the album). Anyway we laughed at how the best song on the album wasnt actually from the album, but I then couldn't find out who it was by. I pretty much forgot about it til today when i got a random email asking if anyone knew who the mystery killers track was by.

Aaaaanyway, i realise I can't really put the song up here because i have no idea if i'm breaking copyright, so here's the lyrics i can make out :

everybody seems so boring
you've got your life i''ve got mine
every night's the same old story
start it early go all night

how haven't you heeaard


well everyone's talking
yes everyone's bragging
bout what they've been doing
and who they've been doing

no one gets all the time
they latch and they move on
we're all just surviving
though we cant admit

[end of what i can actually understand]
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