Purchasing a Yamaha 735s next week but am also inheriting a 4yr old takamine eg540c acoustic/electric. Any info. on this guitar-Good, Bad or otherwise? Anything I should be aware of or need to change on it? Anyone have any experience and thoughts?
that takamine model is their NEX body shape. it's sort of a smaller body and i don't really care much for the sound of it unplugged. it sounds sorta tinny and doesn't project very well in comparison to other models. that model is also all laminated wood. the top, sides, and back are all laminate maple. basically what you're inheriting is a guitar that won't sound bad, but won't sound really good unplugged. plugged in these guitars sound pretty darn good, though. it's a pretty easy guitar to play and a very good-looking guitar. as i said it is a somewhat small body style (compared to a dreadnought). having the eg540c and the yamaha 735s is actually really great because that yamaha should sound great unplugged and the takamine will sound great plugged in.