I just bought this cab for my Dsl so hopefully it will make it sound less scruffy..
It features 2x Celestions Gt12t75? Wondering what kinda sound do they produce?
It wont sound a lot different. I've run my TSL through the speakers on my 800 which I think are the same as the speakers you're getting in the cab and the difference isn't huge.
^Well the DSL401 uses a very cheap speaker though.

Speakers can make lots of different, depending on what the stock is, for an example will a Laney LC30 sound alot more muddy than the LC15, because of the sub par speaker in the LC30.
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Isn't the Marshall 2x12 the 1936?

But Celestions are generally good. Some say that the stock Celestions in marshall cabs are a bit trebly (V30s are noted as metal/rock speakers).
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THere's been two Marshall 2x12s, the 1922 and the 1936.

The G12T-75s have good bass and top, but lack the mids you get in the green/black backs or the 65s.