what up yo?

Ive been playing guitar for a little over a year, and I'm looking for a new acoustic. I've been playing on my moms old sigma, but a want a new one thats my own. I saw the Ibanez Talman acoustic on musicians friend and I liked the looks and it had a good review. Is it good? can anyone who has one tell me if its a good choice for an intermediate player? I play a lot of new alternative stuff like incubus or foo fighters, btu i also play a little skynyrd and csn. Is it good for that?

and does anyone have any more pictures of it, im not sure if the product pics do it justice?
I've played it and it was good but I opted for a Yamaha APX500 instead which to me played a lot better
NO, it's not a good guitar. The key to getting a good guitar is a solid top. The things that make people think 'that guitar looks nice' is usually bad for tone. The washburn D10 is cheap and it has a solid top. It doesn't look like much but it really does sound nice.
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ok, what do you think of the ibanez aef30?

and 2 things i forgot to say: Im on a budget, and i want a cutaway
Still not a very good guitar. Ibanez acoustics tend to be very low end with horrible QC. I would avoud them at all costs.

If you want a guitar that is good for an intermediate player then you need to get something with a solid top. You will know it's a solid top because it will say "solid top". If it says "select spruce" or "feedback resistant" or "spruce" or "cedar" or anything else that doesn't use the world "solid" then it is not a solid top.

There is a cutaway version of the washburn D10. It's called the D10sce they stopped making it but there are a few shops that still have them. zzounds has some left and it's only $330. http://www.zzounds.com/item--WASD10SCE

To my knowledge this is the only guitar with a solid top and a cutaway for under $500. If you can't find any other solid top cutaway guitars in your budget then I would sacrifice the cutaway and still get something with a solid top. Don't throw your money away on something that isn't going to sound that great.
Not taking any online orders.