I have a spectrum electric guitar package for sale. It is brand new, pulled it out just to take pictures. It is basically a Squire Strat copy.


This is what is included:

Spectrum solid body electric guitar
Maple neck and rosewood fingerboard

10 watt amplifier with overdrive

Rock House instructional DVD (includes membership to Rock House website for free
advanced instruction)

Electronic guitar tuner

Headphones, guitar cable, and jack

Padded nylon gig bag

Adjustable guitar strap

Extra set of strings

Guitar stand


Email is milanoy2k@yahoo.com for any questions, or just post here.

Really interested in an Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Prices: $100 SHIPPED to your door!!!

Willing to part out the guitar or anything else for the right price.

Thanks for looking!
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Where are you located? Obviously nothing out of the US, but leave your zip code and I can let you know. But yes, 95 shipped to you.
I have a EPI LP Special Model 2:FS Thread its obo. just PM, i'm not interested in trades for it at the moment.
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Thanks, but I need a guitar that is full without missing electronics. BTW, I am also interested in acoustic guitar and will add cash.
yeah im in the process of putting another pick-up in my EPI, since i have a few new pick-ups laying around i'll keep you posted.
lost and confused,
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Thanks, but looking for something that is completely acoustic, preferably Epi Hummingbird, Yamaha FG700, or Alvarez 60D.

Thanks, waiting on the payment for this from someone else.
dude read the rules about bumping if u don't want to get banned
Ibanez RG320QS(For Sale) 275 shipped w/HSC!
My EVH Strat(for sale or trade) 195 shipped!
Meanstreet EVH guitar
Marshall MG15CDR Prac. Amp(for sale or trade)65 shipped!
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
*Coming* Crate GT1200H/G412SL Half Stack
hahahaha, No , ebay sell it to some wannabe hendrix that will probably quit after 3 weeks of strumming the high e string
Don't take me too seriously.

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I have a red epi lp special 2 but you would have to pay both shipping.
How much shipping you think it is going to be. MY aim is pbmilano if you want to contact me faster.
Hey man, I also live in New Jersey *so shipping wouldn't be that much* I am a bassist who is starting to write his own stuff, but i am in desperate need of a guitar. I am short on cash and was woundering if you would be willing to sell me the Guitar, Cable, and Amp for like 50$-75$. If you could, i would be extremely greatfull.

Think its possible?

Hope to hear from you soon