Now there's a genre that has slowly begun to disappear over the years. Sadly, the one band many people do know about is The Misfits, which has become nothing more but a merch and money opportunity for the piece of shit called Jerry Only (sorry kids, don't like him)

A few others I know about are
Calabrese (the best out there today)
Left For Dead
and Die Monster Die

anybody know about any other?

my band is Horror Rock too (check us out in my sig link if you like the genre)
mister monter
gotham road
edit:graves and dr.chud's x-ward are good too.
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Misfats, they may be a cover band but theyre the best damn misfits cover band ever.
yeah they are danzig era, but they are fat.

blitzkid, balzac, X-ward, michale graves
Quote by zer0monkey
I also hear Phoenix Arizona has the biggest Horror Punk scene in the country
anyone from around there know if thats true or not?

where did you hear that?
I REALLY don't like "horror rock" or "horror punk." I think it's the stupidest ****ing genre of punk there is, but that's just me. All the bands copy the Misfits, and when the Misfits first came out I'm sure they had no idea a bunch of idiots would copy their looks, and their sound, but do a horrible job. Funny how every member of the Misfits turned out to be just like all the bands that copied them, stupid looks, and a bad attempt at being the Misfits.

It's completely unoriginal, and I don't like it.

Don't have a cow man.

And just for reference, I like Danzig era Misfits.
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Check out Samhain, TSOL, the Nekromantix, and Tiger Army.

The last two are Psycobilly, but they use horror elements in their music.
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