Anyone know when the next lot of episodes are coming out on torrents? I downloaded the first 6 episodes in november and have been waiting since then
The episode aired in the UK yesterday, so my guess is there will be loads of torrents on it. 'Cause isn't it aired in America a few weeks before the UK?

Try torrentz.com.
I think it was only out in America a few days before the UK wasn't it?

I'm in the UK though so I don't really know but I thought it was, but there should be hundreds of torents for episode 7 all over torrent sites, just look around
try phazeddl.com , its rapidshare so you might have to download it it sections but it works great if its there

p.s. make sure you dont click on any adware
Yeah, it's great. It searches through loads of different torrent sites. I use it the most.
I downloaded it from piratebay.org

It had spanish subtitles in it, but everything else was ok
torrentspy has great lost torrents.

And the UK is only 4-5 days after America, so you'll just have to wait it out.
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Yah, torrents for episode seven are available.
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