ok so my friend is paralyzed from the waist down and he cant use a wah without help so i was wandering if you think it would be possible to setup a wah built into a guitar.what kind of guitar would be thick enough for it to fit in.and do you think you could use the wah with forearm of your picking arm and still be able to comfortably play.his birthday is in 6 months from tommorow and i was planning on getting this done by then. thanks in advance.
there is a system called WAG that might be perfect for his situation
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i've never tried it but you could get him a Xpresense W.A.G.
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that's actually a pretty cool idea! and i feel for your friend, man. i think it would prolly be the easiest on a hollow body or semi hollow body. just cut out a portion big enough for it to fit. i would also try to loose the gears in it to make it a little easier to push down, and i would definitely get a wah with a passive on/off switch! If you get this thing built you've gotta take pix and post 'em! good luck
the WAG is the way to go
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You could just stick an auto wah onto the body of the guitar.
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I honestly think an auto-wah is the way to go. You'll never be able to get nice wah phrasing while playing if you're fooling with some other control while playing.
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