seams like it might, my friend bought some off brand sg copy thats like 20 years old and he says it's the best guitar he's ever played, I played it, for a copy it's all right, and mudder says "yup" so yeah probably.
if i'm not mistaken...yes
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Let me add that if you wanted to "season" or "age" your guitar you could set it's stand in front of your stereo speakers and leave them playing all the time. The vibrations act similarly to the vibrations of playing the guitar.
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yes it does ina way "age" mainly its just the guitar gets broken in and plays nicer then when u first gett it . like the wood isnt as stiff everything on the guitar gets seasoned which is always better then brand new stuff (execpt strings really) thats y most people play guitar they have had for years over new ones
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oh so playability wise, an aged guitar is better? i thought that sound wise the difference is pretty negligible?

funny review here about halfway down submitted 01/09/2006 by anonymous
is the guy right though?


on a solid body electric i mean

fender mexican strat > carol ann tucana 2 > mongotone 2x10
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