i'm going amp shopping today, if it ever stops raining.

I'm looking at the most bang for the least buck.

I'm gonna try Kustom,
behringer, cos i been told not to,

and pretend I have the money for hartke, mesa, and anything else i can't afford.

Trying to get 180 - 300 watts, looking at a combo, spending up to 800. (au)

this is gonna be fun.
Ampeg and Ashdown are your best bets

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goddamn it! it's raining. I had to come home after just getting to one shop cos I ...er... ride a scooter, and i was not heading into the city in the rain. As it was, the place I looked at had cheap amps...... if you look at buying a small 30 watt amp for 500 bucks..... grrrr.