Hey there first thread started so gently please. Been playing 2 months or so now, enough time to develop calluses and learn coffee and tv and knights of cydonia and basics Im now aqquiring a Zeppelin Habit and at the moment im trying to play the Dazed and confused Solo and the bit after the repeated two string bends that looks like


The beginning part seems to be a pull off and a bend at the same time but i cant seem to get that "lots of notes flying everywhere" effect that page gets. In fact no matter how fast i try and play it bending with my middle finger and pulling off with my index and third i just cant get the right sound that everyone else gets.

How do i get the whole lots of notes flying thing in general? Sorry didn't think it quite fitted in with all the Barre chord questions in the newbie forum. This will really help me progress to the "next level" A slow reading walkthrough of how to get that effect or a video link would be great pointer. Cheers
you will have to learn the ancient art of patience
jimmy page had been playing for a lot more than 2 months when he played those licks
play it slow at first, and focus on gettin the timing right, than you can start building up speed and letting those notes fly
Props for playing for so little time and wanting to learn decent stuff.

Do what the first poster after you said and, good luck!
Practice makes perfect. Those riffs are moderately difficult, all you need to do to play them well is practice them... A LOT.
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