Should i get a high end Epi SG (elitist) or a gibson SG special, also bear in mind my incurable lefthandedness wich may affect availability and price etc.
all opinions appreciated, thanks
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Gibson. And the way SGs are laid out, you can string it upside-down, no problem.
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I'd say the Elitist is better then the cheaper Gibson SGs, but if you're going for the more expensive Gibsons get the Gibson.

EDIT: Get the Elitist. Gibson Specials aren't worth it.
go for the gibson sg standard (cherry red) i love my epi sg but if you got the cash go for the gibson sg standard. don't get the sg special, its just a low class gibson and a higher class epi SG such as the elitist or the g400-g400 vintage is just as good, if not better. but if you are gonna shell out the higher csh get the sg standard....or the Angus Young signature SG...you will be the envy of every kid
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Quote by Lefty_God
do you know the difference between the epi and gibson in price?

Depends where you can get it at. www.musiciansfriend.com had the elitist for $573 before they got discontinued, and the special is probably around $600.
y'see if i get the gibson and improve the pickups a bit and jazz it up ill have a guitar wich is better than the elitist, and has the gibson logo
and i will have so sit someone down and explain that my epiphone is actually better than certain gibsons, coz everyone assumes All Gibson > All Epi
The pick ups aren't the only thing in the guitar that gives it a good tone. Plus, the finish can rub off apparently.

Just go with the epiphone, who cares what people think.
Where do you plan on buying an Elitist SG? I haven't seen them available anywhere...
They dont make an elitist sg that I am aware of.

And the only Gibsons that are really overrated are the specials. The standards are maybe not 2000 dollars better but they are superior too the Epiphones in every way. The people who say they aren't are just trying to convince themselves otherwise.
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I have a faded sg special and I love it, so try them out before you buy. However, the specials have thick necks so keep that in mind.
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