no one knows this song, eh?
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Awesome song choice! There's really nothing negative I can say about this at all. Guitar was spot on, nice tone. The vocals sounded really good also, pretty similar to the actual song. Great job on the solo. This is coolest cover I've heard on this site. nice job.
pretty cool cover, although u covered it exactly as it was plalyed on hte album, i think u should put ur own twist on it. cool vox tho and nice guitar tone. Vox were off at some parts it sounded like but not too bad ! Nice band choice to cover!!!!
dude this is ****ing sweet..you did a great job with this....what a bad ass band At The Gates was!
First off, YOU'VE GOTTA SEND ME THIS BACKING TRACK! It would make my day.

Second off, Fellow At the Gates fan.

Third off, timing was off for the vocals and guitar at a few parts. Solo was awesome though, dude.

Overall, it wasn't too bad. Vocals were OK, but props for trying. Guitar was pretty good also. Great job.
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dude! great choice and a good f'in job!!
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no one knows this song, eh?

I bloody do and that was a storming version mate!!!
Nowt wrong with that my man.......well the drums kinda got drown by that **** off fat beefy guitar tone you got But I'm not a drummer so I don't care!

Good choice of tune and I like the rest of your choices and versions on your sounclick page. It's good to see someone doing stuff a little obscure(i.e. not Enter Sandman!)

Here's a link to my soundclick page and a Death cover I did a few years ago, see what you think. Feel free to crit.


Have you thought of posting your tunes at www.guitarblast.com
I also have a vox(a valvetronix) What settings did you use.\

Anyway, very well played, and the solo had almost the exact same tone as the CD, good job on that. Vocals were a little better than I expected.