I'd appreciate it if anybody with real experience with this can help me out.

I'm going to buy a Gibson Explorer here pretty soon, however, there's one thing about the guitar that's almost glaringly annoying - the pickup selector switch's location. I'm really not digging the selector switch hanging out on the lower, left-hand horn rather than sitting back with the knobs. It's inconvenient to have to either reach over the entire guitar with my right hand or drop my fretting hand to toggle pickups. I would much rather have everything right there next to the bridge where it's easily accessed.

Thus, I'm thinking about removing one of the volume pots and rewiring the controls so that the remaining tone and volume knobs control both pickups; the hole for the removed volume pot hole would then be used for the switch. I know that this is technically doable, but I'm wondering if this would take any extra routing/resizing of the pot hole, making reversibility impossible. I don't plan on ever selling it, but life happens and I might re-think this if it means seriously devaluing the guitar, even if it would be only a 90s/00s reissue model. Not needing any extra routing means I can easily switch it back.

Is there also any technical disadvantage to doing this other than taking away my ability to have two different volume levels for each pickup? If that's the only consequence, then that's absolutely fine.
I'm pretty sure that the hole needed for a 3 way switch is larger than the one for a pot, so you should be in luck. Or you could get a 3-way toggle, and use a large washer to cover up the hole. That way you could even leave the old 3-way selector in for aesthetic value.
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yeah it should work, but how are you planning on fixing the hole where the switch is (was) and also, the 3 way switch is going to be bigger than the volume control so you'll need to drill it out.....
Get a new pickguard and cut it out yourself?
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