Whats the difference in sound between maple and rosewood fretboards? Maple is the lighter one and rosewood is darker if you were wondering. Also, I know they play differently but what are the advantages/disadvantages of each. And im talking about on a strat.
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rosewood is a warmer sound than maple, and is also unfinished, gives a different feel.
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Maple will also show dark spots if you play a lot and don't keep the neck clean.
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Yea the rosewood is a warmer sound and I think it looks better. When I made my strat I put a neck with a unfinished maple fretboard so it could look worn and black faster I kind of like the feel of that but rosewood is still my favorite.
Yea now that I think about it my acoustic has ebony I like that better but I don't think I've seen a electric with a ebony fretboard b4 especially not on strats.
i think some gibsons come with ebony fretboards
might only be the custom shop ones though...idk


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