Ok every week i've been focusing on a song to learn on the side of my normal practicing and Its time to pick a new one and i want to move onto somthing more the style of music i like to listin to. An that would be pop-punk. What are some easy songs that i could learn to play. The last song i did was Iron man so somthing along that skill level. Bands i like to listin to are Greenday Fall out boy MCR Rise against(dont think thats pop-punk tho) and A little bit of Panic at the disco
Green Days Church on Sunday is really easy to play, Brain Stew you can pick up in about 2 minutes as well... What else?...
If ya liked blink 182, All The Small Things is really easy to play as well... And if you like bowling for soup, high school never ends isn't too hard either. I hope that helps ya
ya i used ot like blink 182 i still kinda do they just like drifted off my ipod being replaced by new music
Something by Good Charlotte or "A favour house atlantic by Coheed and Cambria. Just some barre chords with some simple notes here and there.

Or Anything for you by lee harding. Easy solo that sounds cool and the main this is a couple of power chords.
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