Okay, so i have an Epi SG and I 've had it for about a year and a half now. It was fine for the first yeasr, but in the last few months it's been falling apart, almost literally.

The screws that hold the pickup in place on my bridge pickup have fallen, out and they won't tighten, so the pickup is practically falling out of its place. (its not one of the covered humbuckers, its open.)

The screws in my neck pick up are doing to same.

My volume and tone knobs are loose and won't turn right.

Is it jsut me, or is my SG been through the mill? Or is there a somewhat simple way of fixing it?
Yeah take it to the guitar shop you got it from and they should fix it for you, obviously it will cost but then if it ****s up again in near future they should do it again as they didn't fix it right.
It sounds as if the pickups may have been lowered too far, and have "fallen" off of the screws. If this is the case, you'll need to remove the pickguard (or mounting rings) and thread the screws back into the base plate of the pickup. Remember to place the height adjustment springs back onto the screws, between the underside of the guard/rings and the plate. If the screws are , in fact, still attached to the base plate, then the threads in the plate may be stripped. In this case, you'll have to scrounge around for a slightly larger diameter screw sufficient to grab the plate threads.
As for the knobs...if you can easily remove and replace them from the shafts of each potentiometer, then it's likely that the knurled plastic inside the knob, designed to grip the shaft, is worn or disintegrated. You can get away with some teflon pipe tape (pipe dope) around the knurled portion of each shaft until you're able to acquire suitable replacement knobs. If the knobs themselves are secure on the shafts, you may need to clean or replace the potentiometers. Aerosol contact cleaner can be found at a Radio Shack type store- spraying this into each potentiometer (through a prestamped "hole" in the housing, or by pulling up on the shaft to create a gap between it and the housing) while turning the shaft can sometimes free up a frozen potentiometer. Replacement of the pots themselves requires some soldering experience. If you decide to tackle the wiring yourself, use caution, and draw yourself a diagram of the wiring before you get started.
Do you mean the pickup height adjustment screws?

You probably dropped the pup so low that it fell off the screw. Pull out the pickup and the ring, and take a look for yourself.
thank god i didnt get an epiphone. does it have a warranty. the guitatr mite be defective. if it happened for no reasoon then u should be able to atleast be able to get it fixed.
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u need a couple new screws for the pups. or springs. id have to look at it to see.
but that should be about a dollar for parts.

as for the knobs. just pull them off and use a thin screw driver to split the pot shaft a little.
be careful not to break the shaft, just make it a little wider and the knobs will stay on tight for u.

nothing's wrong with most epis. depends on the model. some of the lower end guitars are just starters.

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