Hey guys

For christmas i got a yamaha 12 string acoustic guitar. Everything has been going great but now it is out of tune. I went to the tuning thread and now i kind of no what im doing but it says some of the smaller strings are tuned an octave higher then the other string. For example the d string is tuned in d and then the little one next to it is tuned one octave higher then the other d string. My problem is i have no idea of what an octave is so i could really use some help here. Any examples would be great.

Thanks alot
play the big A and get it in tune. then just play the little A and tune it until it sounds the same, only higher pitch. you'll know what i mean if you try it... it's like playing the high E and low E at the same time... it's one of those sounds you just get... because they match.
tune each of the 2nd octave strings to the 12th fret of their lower counterparts
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