Hello, we took a break yesterday from our regular metralstuff and just started jamming so some completly random shit. and we recorded it. one is over thsi smooth jazz type bassline and anotehr is over thsi mystic guitar tappign stuff. its called the Yazz Yam and the Yeasty Jam. have a listen-tell me what you think. NOTE: alot of **** ups everywher,e but it was a rigth on the spot improv

I really like the yazz yam one, because it sounds like mmw or really ****ed up zappa, however, as seriously skilled musicians, well, you fall a little short.
Your jazz is mostly just clean tone blues, lots of bends, decent tone, tasty phrasing, but nothing interesting really, it sounds good, but upon dissection, there's not much happening.
Needs some chromatics, a bit more dynamics (rhyme!) and some other stuff, but ya, I like, and I'd love to hear you guys after you actually write something out in this style.
And i know, you enver said it was really jazz, but just my take on it, I woulda expected some more fluid stuff over it.

Return the favor?
yeah i understand. my lead was very simnple and liek..bland. the onyl reasonw e called it yazz yam was cuz the basslien reminded me of thsi one smooth jazz sing i realyl lei by the rip;pingtons and i really have abotu 0 knowledge on jazz theory. thanks for the constructive criticism!
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I can't listen to your music because my computer is being a piece of trash right now. I'll definately check it out when I get this garbagio working. If you would like you can see my music because it's kind of like jazzy metal, too.https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091