I'm thinking abtou getting a Epiphone SG 310. I've heard some good things about it, but I want more opinions. I'm running on a 250 dollar budget for the guitar. If you don't like the Sg, please recommend a guitar. I don't suck, but I'm not amazing, and I like the classic rock style, like AC/DC.
i've heard good things about the epi g-400 aswell, especially if you're on a budget

it's $50 dollars more than you're budget though
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definetely go with the G-400 @$300. it's definetely worth it. set neck, mahagony body, better finish. drop a couple pearly gates in there and you'll be in heaven.
yup g400 blows away the 310. I would not even consider getting a 310 when the 400 costs only slightly more. I love my g400, but i also upgraded my bridge humbucker
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