ok so i know how to do basic palm muting
but i'm having trouble with palm muting the low E while play notes on the A and D normally
does anybody have any tips on palm muting like this?
for an example check out the guitar 1 bridge to verse for darkest nights by as i lay dying


if there is already a thread similar to this
Try muting it with the tip of whatever finger you're using to fret the notes on the 5th string.

Or use the heel of the palm of your hand, as you would to deaden the note after you've played it.

Basically, just keep practicing and you'll get it either way. (or some other way that works for you)
Usually for something like that I would lift my palm off of the E string while I played the A and D, and then put it back when I needed to mute E again.
It's a pain in the ass at first... in fact I felt that the intro to Unholy Confessions was nearly impossible to do "so fast." I got it eventually, and so will you. Just practice until you get it. I went by how shizmo does it.
I either incline my hand so that only the E string is muted or bring it up to hit a regular note...
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Well what YOU need to do is try learning some Judas Priest first....i say this because Glenn Tipton pretty much invented that pedal type riffing. But seriously try counting out that rhythm and then practice it really slow. You'll get it in no time.