I would say I am intermediate and i don't know what to play because i have no idea what could possibly make me advance someone have suggestion ?
Write your own stuff. Learn to improvise.
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Learn some Ozzy.
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play something that you think is too hard for you, and then learn it.
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Well, could you tell use what you can play? Techniques? Sweep picking? Know your modes? Can you inmprovise?
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If he didnt know how to improvise or ozzy stuff is too hard, then he would be a beginner not an intermediate, then again he may not know that either.
I play some Kiss, Lordi, Wolfmother, Avenged Sevenfold, Def Leppard and some other stuff, i already compose some song of my own but i would like to play cool stuff who already exist

technique: bend, palm muted, wing, Sweep Picking (not a lot), i play fast enough for some solo, pinch harmonics, and that pretty much it...
maybe start learning a bit about theory? or start learning your different scales and modes and get a decent book like ted greenes chord chemistry for compositional ideas. maybe try listening to some other genres of music (jazz guitar and rockabilly always give me a kick in the ass when I am in a rut and i like to play more prog rock stuff)
ya could be cool, but i already know some scale and how to play some Jazz, I just want any style (not country, blues or jazz because i find it a bit annoying, except Johnny Cash) any style song, but a name npt just an artist thx...