While a lot of people would say just go out and get private lessons, I am a college student who just started playing a couple months ago and I dont have the funds for something like that. Has anyone tryed this and does it work? Im not expecting to be able to play like I have been playing for years, but some direction in my play would (technique, how to practice, etc) would be really nice. If anyone has tryed this or has any other suggestions, please let me know.

I'd say if you have LimeWire do a "documents" search using the topic "guitar" or "fretboard"...anything like that. You can find all sorts of stuff in .pdf format. Some stuff is for beginners, others for more intermediate/advanced players.
it's like 7 pages of non-animated stuff. a friend has one. It's just a gimmick... Because there is a simple pattern to help memorize and he's selling a gimmick to help memorize it. For the sake of saving myself a lawsuit, i will not say...
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