Poll: Guitar Genre Come Back
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Grunge ( nirvana, Alice N Chainz )
2 5%
Delta Blues ( Robert johnson, muddy waters )
2 5%
Southern Rock ( Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers)
5 12%
Hair Metal ( Poison, Def Leppard )
2 5%
Neo Classical Metal ( randy rhoads )
8 19%
Blues Rock ( Clapton, Zeppelin )
10 24%
Funk ( the guess who )
0 0%
Pyscaldelic ( Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead )
2 5%
Folk Rock ( Neil Young, Bob Dylan )
3 7%
Classic Heavy Metal (Black Sabbath, Deep Purple)
8 19%
Voters: 42.
If you could have one genre of guitar playing come back into the same popularity it had when it was famous what would it be. I know there is alot more but i listed the obvious things so have at it.
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Hmm. I'd say Power Metal is my favorite for guitar, but as for music in general, I'd say something along the lines of Goth-New Wave- Alt-Rock, like The Cure's Pornography, Disentigration and The Head On the Door.
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too bad grunge was a scene basically and not a sound.

i'd make it exactly like the 80s for eternity.

alternative was great and the mainstream was decent.
Southern Rock, to have bands like the Allman brothers, and Skynard back would be awesome.
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too bad grunge was a scene basically and not a sound.

i'd make it exactly like the 80s for eternity.

alternative was great and the mainstream was decent.

Yeah, I'd love to live in the 80's. Everything about it. The Music rocked balls. The Shredding, The Creativity, New Wave etc. I love ereything about it.
I'm back, you douchebags.
Wheres the fingerstyle choice?


In guess out of the choice delta blues, but I like music in the other genres as well.
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its hard to choose only one...alot of people have a few genres.
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None of those options, so I chose Heavy Metal which I also enjoy.

I play mostly virtuouso music, such as Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Friedman, Becker, Petrucci etc.

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Neo Classical Metal ( randy rhoads ) I think that this is the one i'd want back
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Prog/Classic Metal
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As much as everyone enjoys rocking out to a bit of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi, I would kill myself if I had to listen to it all the time. I voted for Neoclassical basically because I have no idea where progressive/power metal would fit.
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I said Psychodelic.

Mainly because it revolutionized music, and it was really like the 20th century's Renaissance. It was a big artistic jump and ultimately led to some of the greatest genres we know today, whether it was similar or completely different from the genre.

Plus, the Jam band would make a comeback, and, hopefully, more virtuosos.
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