1) Can you get a looping pedal (one worth buying) for less than $250? I've seen them on eBay and they are at least that much.

2) What is the pedal called that lets you play a chord and then it plays a bunch of (random?) notes without you having to do anything? John F (RHCP) used it on one DVD. The guy I play with said it was an arpeginator or something??? Also, how much do those cost?
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Also, I have heard this sound in Whitesnake and Disturbed songs. I think it's in Children of the night by whitesnake. It sounds like a whammied pinched harmonic. Anyone know what I'm talking about or how it is made? Is it an effect? My whammy bar is bent and I don't feel like screwing it in and braking my guitar.
you can find a boss dd-20 for about $150 on eBay and it has 23 seconds of looping along with 4 delay presets. as far as the other sound goes, that called random arpeggiation, step filtering, or sample and hold. your options are anything from the cheap ("step" funtion on the digitech xhp hyper phase and xtf turbo flange) to the moderate (alesis philtre+true bypass loop) to the rather expensive (xotic robotalk, adrenalinn ii, moog mf-105, etc). it's just a matter of your budget.
Yeah $300 for a pedal that would get used in one song for thirty seconds or so is a bit much. I would definitley rather put that into a new guitar or amp.
the alesis philtre is a really good option if you want a lot of filter options. in addition to the sounds you mentioned, it's also got a bunch of other really cool stuff on it. you can find them for around $60. technically, it was made for DJs, so it's not conducive to being a stompbox on its own, so what i did when i had one was i just put it in the loop of a DOD 225 Master Switch. i ran the philtre on all the time, and just hit the 225 when i wanted it in the signal. that way, all its shortcomings were solved and the sound was badass. other options for true bypass loops if you couldn't find a 225 are a boss' line selector or noise supressor. check it out.
I think you're thinking of a ring mod effect.

And there's the Boss RC2 looper. There's also that ZVex looper too, looks cool.
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