The story!
Well, not much, I wrote the theme this mornign, finished it about 4 hours ago, spent about an hour total on it.
Samples fight club, it's all entirely programmed on my computer, though i wrote everything, and i'm putting it on my reallyyy old dmusic so that my friends don't see it.
You see, It's part of a cd I'm releasing shortly, (hopefully), so noone can see it, except my good friends at ug, who I'm asking for opinions on it from.


Crit for Crit!
hey bud, i really fall short ont eh good criticism for you especialyl when compared to your crit on my song. First off-i really dislike the type of musci u were playign (the brass titanic thing) not to say it's bad, but i just hate that type of music. i shall atempt to crit it as best as i can. it really is very classy and vintage sounbding liek it woudl be played in the duke of umberlands court or sumthing. the littel diminished organ thing at leik 118 soudns realyl cool. good job though man, and realyl sorry that i coudlnt be mroe helpful