E-mail me at bserwatka06@yahoo.com if you are interested. All pics in full size are available here: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b53/barney18/For%20Sale/

1 - First off, I have a mint Fender Buddy Guy Strat (MIM) alder body in black with vintage white polka dots. Its 4 pounds 12 ounces and has a great tone.
I'd like to get $190 for it or best offer. I'll include a vintage white, single-ply pickguard with the body.

2 - Second, I have a brand new, never used alder Allparts strat body in their Lake Placid Blue. I have never seen a strat or any guitar in this color. Its in between the Fender LPB and their Ocean Turquoise, so in other words, its freakin beautiful. No holes are drilled so the options of pickguard, tremolo, etc. are all up to you. They sell for $350 from Allparts, and this is brand new, but I'm looking for $220 or best offer.

3 - Third is a Fender Buddy Guy (MIM) Strat neck in great condition. Its a 1-piece maple with a Soft-V profile in a satin polyurethane finish. It has a 9.5" radius and 21 medium-jumbo frets. Its probably the best Strat neck I've played on. I'd like to get $175 or best offer. EDIT: I'll include a still in package GraphTech Trem-Nut free with the neck.

I'll try to take pics of the other items in the next day or so.

4 - A set of wired Fender Standard Single-Coil Strat Pickups (Ceramic Magnets) and pots and switch with the middle pickup in RW/RP for noise-cancelling. They're in great condition with black covers and are for sale at $45 or best offer.

5 - Behringer UB1832FX Pro in mint condition with minimal use. I bought this big mixer for a studio project that fell through. I used it for one drum micing session and that was it. Included is the manual and power cable. They're $210 new and I'd like to get $130 for it.

6 - M-Audio Delta 1010 Rack Digital PCI Interface 10 in-10 out with sampling rates up to 24-bit/96kHz. It's in mint condition with minimal use too. I bought it along with the Behringer mixer for micing everything and it too was barely used. I'd like to get $275 for it.
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Yeah they are off the Buddy Guy and are MIM with the stock pots and wiring.
I could give about 120 for the Buddy Guy neck..

But that's about it. Sorry about low-ballin' ya.
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I might be putting a Mexican Standard neck up next week and that might work for it, but this is too good of a neck to sell for $120.