Ok, before you kill me with "LOL N00B" I HAVE used the search engine on here and i've tried google.

I know there is something i can use to rip a guitar track out of a song, my friend told me it's used in making songs for the game "Frets on Fire" (in case you don't know, guitar hero for the computer/keyboard)

I want to use this so i can listen to the guitar itself and not all the other noise like drums and stuff, and also play along with the tabs, and if anyone could point me into the right direction, perhaps even provide a link, i would appreciate that very much.

EDIT: I just called my friend, he said something about 'ogg vorbis' i think it is. i found something about it on google but i don't know what i'm doing or how to use it. please help if you can.
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I've never heard of a program that can distinguish between instruments and erase sound accordingly. Also, if that were the case you'd still have the backing guitar in any songs you were trying to learn.

Honestly, you're better off just downloading Guitar Pro or Powertab.
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