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Alright, so my Dad used to date some girl seriously back in the day when he was like 18-22 or so. Her uncle was a chauffer. He chauffered Jimi Hendrix around New York when he was in town. The chauffer liked my dad and realized that he was a big Hendrix fan and a guitarist. So, one day he hands my dad a pendant necklace that Hendrix gave him.

I heard about that pendant through my whole life and how it got lost at some point over the years.

The other day, my Dad and Uncle were cleaning out my grandmother's basement. They happened upon a fishing/hiking pack. When they were cleaning it out they found the pendant again! It had been gone since approximately the late 70's. It was sittting in someone's fishing pack.

We assume that one of my Dad's 7 brothers (he's one of 11 children) brought the pendant to the beach to show their friends. When they got home they must have forgotten it in the pack and it stayed there for approximately 30 years.

Today my Dad walked up to me holding it up and I couldn't believe my eyes - I knew what it looked like just from the descriptions through the years. He also said that this family heirloom was now mine to have being that I am an avid guitarist and a big Hendrix fan. Needless to say, I find it to be pretty amazing that I am now the owner of something that Hendrix once wore. Now if only some of his talent can rub off onto me...

Without further ado, I give you the Hendrix Sgt. Peppers pendant:

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If this is legit you could be a rich fellow. Congrats.
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if its true thats cool, you should look for some pictures of hendrix wearing the pendant
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Hey, what's your adress. Just joking, but I would lock that thing up if I were you.
if it's true, you are one lucky motherfucker
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If this is legit you could be a rich fellow. Congrats.
Who would sell that? Are you crazy?

Score, dude. Now all you have to do is buy a Strat and play your way to heaven.

Peace (sells)
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if it's true, you are one lucky motherfucker

Your ban is done!
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HendrixRocks4 even set up his entire UG Profile in dedication to Hendrix.

Well, maybe you'll find his shoes, or something.
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Who would sell that? Are you crazy?

Score, dude. Now all you have to do is buy a Strat and play your way to heaven.

Someone who likes money?

Money > Pendant
No wonder you can have lot of grands for that pendant.
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Someone who likes money?

Money > Pendant
Yeah, maybe. But Jimi Hendrix wore it. It must be infused with his guitar skillz!

Peace (sells)
i almost found a pic of him wearing it. i cant tell if its that same though. the chain look like it

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Someone who likes money?

Money > Pendant

If that were true, would it matter if he tried to sell it...?
What's with people saying it will make him insanely rich? I'm sure it was Hendrix's, but nobody is going to fork over more than a hundred dollars.
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Sweet. Now you just need to overdose and drown in your own vomit.
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Man, that is really badass. Can you take some pics of it?

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Hey, you're back. I missed your avatar. And your signature.

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Damn, that's nice! I'd wear it all the time, and if anyone said it was ugly I'd go like "Dude... this belonged to Jimi Hendrix" and watch them cry. Then I'd probably turn into some gollum creature, skulking the mountains, whispering loving words about the precious.

Anyways, good for you! I hope you take care of it
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Someone who likes money?

Money > Pendant

No! No! No! That's why the term "priceless" was invented. My family also has priceless artifacts, but none quite this cool.
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Hmhmhm... Yes!

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That is really cool.

On a related note, Hendrix is said to have visited his girlfriend whom, according to the myth, lived in my town, just a couple a blocks away from me.
It was when he had to wait around here for a couple a weeks for a court order or something like that, because he had apparently trashed a hotel room in the nearby city of Gothenburg when he was there.
He met the girl in Gothenburg, and apparently she lived in my town or she was here visiting. Actually, they had a child together, so i wouldn't be surprised if he lives somewhere not far away from here (Not Hendrix. His kid.).
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When did I say it didn't matter?

Oh, no...

What I meant was... nevermind. Sorry...
That is amazing. Although I'm more amazed that it went 30 years without being found. How could you knowingly own something that Hendrix wore and, upon learning it disappeared, not tear your house apart in search. And if I knew one of my sons had lost that while bragging to friends I would beat the SHIT out of him.

With that being said, I am jealous. I would strangle a newborn cute puppy just to own something that Hendrix may have LOOKED at.
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Kick ass and even if it wasn't Hendrix's, its still very high on the "****ing sweet" chart.
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you could sell it for $80000

Just another $79,999.95 to go for me!
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I've only known one man to use such a gun, and I believe I've killed him two times
That's pretty awesome. I'd sell it.
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This is almost as good as the kid who found a Stradiverus.


Seriously though, thats sweet.
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Thanks for reading guys - yeah, i'm pretty amped.

Now if anyone could find a picture of him wearing it, I would be seriously indebted to you!
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