Im looking to buy some guitar pedals and i would like some input on it.I play really heavy metal music.I want a wah and delay pedal.could you help me get the right ones for what i want and if there are anymore you think i should get what are they.thanks
My Brother just bought the digitech digidelay, and it sounds pretty darn good when used for adding depth to metal solos!
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For metal, id say for wah definately the Weeping Demon. For Delay, I like my Boss DD-6, and itts always a good choice. But theres other options like the DigiDelay, MemoryMan etc.
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The Weeping Demon is a nice meal wah. As for delay, look into the DD-6 or the Memory Man.
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Wah: plenty of options. Weeping demon, Crybaby (too many models), Vox (although not really suited for metal). Personally, i use a 535q crybaby, and i play a lot of tool-influenced music. Does the trick, and is damn mean.

Delay: Depends on how you want to use your delay. TBH, i don't actually delay much when using my delay (DD-3). If anyones ever seen the DD-3 on boss's website (the cool interactive thingy) then you'll know about the sitar sounds. That very heavily used in my music. However, tastes differ, and i presume when you say really heavy music, you'll be soloing correct? delay IMO is the best tool in adding depth to solos. If your a complete newbie to pedals, then look into DD-3/DD-6 or Ibanez DE-7. If your looking into more advanced delays, perhaps DD-20 or IMO the coolest digital delay ever, the Line6 DL-4.

Remember, try before you buy
dd3 or dd6 or dl4 for delay, and there are others, but they are good starting and maybe ending points on your search for a delay

for a wah the 535q is a beast. im in the same boat as the guy above with the tool-influenced thing, and the 535q does anything 'metal' really well. it also does quite well with clean things, but thats really where the vox wah would shine is clean to 'non-metal' distortion.

more than a Delay, a wah is very much a preference thing. DEFINITELY do not buy a wah until youve played it a little.
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i don't think you should get the WD7, i have it adn it has some major glitches in the sweep. you most likely won't notice them at first, but they'll get really annoying after a while. so don't get too hyped up about it.
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The WD7 hasnt had any problems that I can see and its been a while. Plus somebody mentioned something about being able to go inside and tweak some things around real easily. But yeah...basically the Digidelay and the Boss DD-3/DD-6 are going to be safe bets. But the DD-3 and DD-6 are the same sound so if you can go without all the "extra" stuff, save some cash and get the DD-3.
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