Alright so I'm in a band, blah blah, and I just got news of a gig we got. The thing is it's out first gig and it's a pretty big gig compared to your stereotypical local band set with an audience of 15. It's for a friend's birthday. He's in the recording industry so he's got a lot of friends in the business (even a few Grammy-nominated artists). Long story short, he's inviting all of these guys to play one long concert for the party and he invited my band to do a short set in front of all of these big guys. So the thing is, this will be my first gig.

I normally wouldn't be nervous but the fact that there will be a few producers from Warner Bros and some Grammy nominees just freaks me out. Another thing is that most of these guys are into more of a pop rock and a more mainstream rock-type of sound and my band plays experimental progressive rock. I also have no experience on the stage and I need some tips on how to talk and what are the do's and dont's of doing a set. So help me out here with some tips. Oh yeah, we have about a month to prepare.

EDIT: Uh, yeah I'm pretty dumb and posted this in the wrong forum as I just realized. Someone move this to the bandleading forum or wherever it's supposed to go, please.
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Make sure to have fun. Get into your music, or no one else will. Thrash around a lot, even if you look stupid..


"Play as if no one was watching."
Just have fun, dont worry about the crowd. Im sure the major people will still congragulate you if you are decent. Even if you werent the best, im sure they remember when they were like that.... and dont stop when you mess up! it will mess everyone up! just keep going...



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Man. What a chance, I'd give anything to play in front of huge producers and Grammy winners. Dude Pleez PM me and tell me what happened!
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make it energetic, exciting, something they wont forget for a while
sometimes the difference between liking a band and hating them is seeing the energy they give off at a live performance
act crazy, jump around
people wont make fun of you for being energetic

as for who's watching, just try and ignore who it is and make this the best performance of your life (which wont be hard since it's the first >.<
good luck!
just make sure u go out there for fun dont worry about impressing anyone
and if all these big shots are gonna be there they will all have gone through this first gig experience so they will hopefully know how u feel
Have fun, and come prepared. Make sure you have spare picks, etc. And before you go on, warm up backstage.

Also, you never know, if any of you guys are really good, it's a chance to get snapped up by some producers.
Don't think I've ever played to less than 100 ppl...

Anyways, don't put on an act dude, just get into your music, play your songs well. And for gods sake tell me you don't play metal
damn... id play a very very imprssive song then. i mean if ur good enough maybe in th efuture a record deal might be easier to get.

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Let me know how this gig goes!

I'm pretty sure I'd be freaking out if I was in your situation, I'd have some much energy it wouldn't even be cool.
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damn... id play a very very imprssive song then. i mean if ur good enough maybe in th efuture a record deal might be easier to get.

or u might even get a record deal there!
i would start out with a guitar solo at LEAST
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Chances are most record execs won't care. So don't worry about it.
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