ok so my BLUSA L-500XL will be here next week so I Was wondering, do I need to change any of the volume/tone pots on my SG? (epiphone SG-310)
if so, what kinds?
when I put the pickup in my SG, would I need to change arround any of the pots to accomodate the pickup? im not a professional with all this gutiar pot stuff so was wondering If I need to or not
are those pickups active?
i think you only really need to change pots if you go from passive to active (or the other way around)
Correct. The general rule of thumb is 250k for single coils, 500k for humbuckers and I believe 25k or thereabouts for active pickups.

So if the stocks pickups and the new one are both passive humbuckers, there's no need to change the pots.
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alright awesome. theyre both passive so all is good? I dont need to mess with anything? sweet