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I see myself married, be a musician or have a job that gets my blood rushing. And traveling the world too.

How about you?
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Sleepin' with your... your son?

/old joke

hahahha i remember that "don't say doing your wife, don't say doing your wife don't say doing your wife"

i see myself as a musician or something to do with active music but musician is #1 on my list

EDIT: oops had the wrong quote there for a sec
Quote by RawrDemon
Sleepin' with your... your son?

/old joke

good one nonetheless, but it's 'doing your...'

oh yeah, and working in a studio recording some good music. east coast most likely.
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I see myself having a Masters degree or PhD in Anthropology and wandering America on my moped playing accordion on the street for money so I can see a Major League Baseball game in every stadium.

Yep. Good Times are ahead.
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dead or about to die (I'll be 27)
Its like a cop has to die 2 days before retirement, a real musician dies when he/she is 27
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jail..... seriously my plan is to knock out a guard right when i get off the bus so i'll get put into solitary and keep my anus virginity
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Probably teaching seniors in Australia their ABCs. Im studying to be a teacher at University now so id say hats probably the most likely outcome.

Also i have a stable gf (living together for 6 months yesterday) so i assume ill be married with at least 1 kid in 10 years as well.
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Definately a musician, maybe married, but I doubt that.
I'll own a van by then, definately and maybe, if all goes well I'll be developing my own signature line of basses with EBMM.

Well, I can dream...
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Oh snap I'll be 33. Hopefully a wife and maybe a kid by that point. Hopefully a nice corner office too.
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Probably really poor or maybe by a slight mishap stupidly rich. But probably just really poor and most likely dead
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good one nonetheless, but it's 'doing your...'

Yeah, I realized that right after I posted it. But I guess I'm a lazy ****, so I didn't edit it. Oh well.

And a real answer, hopefully in a band, but more realistically, I'd love to be a session player. I'd be on a hell of a lot more albums, that's something to brag about.

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Heheh... The future. Saying it aloud is so comforting...

That's deep and all, but you really avoided the question, don't ya think?

Well, actually you did anwser it on the first page. Damn.
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when i was obsessed with nirvana i used to say i was gonna kill my self at 27 but now i not a ****ing dumass bitch any more so now at age 27 i wanna have a really nice job studied at least 2 careers and my wife pregnant of my first child and my son will be something i never got to be cauze of my lack of talent a Rock Star.
i wanna be involved in politics to.
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Hoping to be a fairly proficient musician, but otherwise I'm not sure. Maybe marraige if I find the right girl, although the one I've got is pretty awesome. Anyway, I'll be working to provide for myself and whatever happens happens.
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Regretful and in misery.

ya i basically agree with you. in a beat down apartment somewhere, owe rent, wishing i payed attention in school. *sigh*

Somewhere out there there's a thrill I swear.

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well, right now...
- i'm in a band called "mercy fallout" (i play bass) - we do christian rock to soul to pop.... anything. we're pretty good.
- second year college for ECE
- in line for a sweet job ($14/hour) at a charity....
- oh, and i've travelled europe..... so my life is basically complete.

but, let's in ten years i'll be about 29 years old... oh... my... GOD..

- probably working for a non-profit daycare somewhere
- with like.... 3 kids. hahaha.... i don't even have a boyfriend yet.... likely to happen though.... i fall easily for guys.... lol.
- living with my parents. MOST LIKELY.

i am so sad.
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lol ill be 25, i PLAN to be still in my band, the one i started last week with my best friend from two houses away, if it works out, exactly ten years from now ill be doing an interview on MTV and say i wrote this ten years ago.

what ill PROBABLY be doing is ill be living in Victoria BC, working as a paramedic, no girlfriend, a few friends, playing guitar by myself, wondering where i went wrong.....

or ill be in jail, or dead
ya never know,
remember my name, i could be the next bill gates, well, the money part, not the computer geek part..
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hopefully married with one or two kids, teaching ap english in a high school....and of course in a band!
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in a recording syudio, maybe England or somewhere in Cali. With a wife and two kids, a little boy and a little girl, oh ya, with 20 cars and a house with a basement filled with guitars and music memorabilia.

Well, it sounds good!
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yeah im 15 right now sophomore in high school. in ten years i plan to be an orchestra teacher teaching at a high school. Either that or something goes horribly wrong for me in college, my life goes down the drain, and i either commit suicide or get sent to jail.
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