Hey again
Wow, you've got some really nice stuff in here.
Part A: This was great, the only thing i didn't really like here was the triplet run from bars 5-6, Wait actually, bar 6 was fine, bar 5 seems to sound too low compared to the bars before it, like a huge jump.
Part B: Amazing. The drums were great, i liked how you took away the note on the beat on the Right Keyboard and the drums and the other keyboard accented it. The only thing i would say is maybe repeat it less? or have you got something else going on there?
Part C: Nice chords, Good creative bass line, can't really find anything wrong with it.
Part D: The riff at the start was, well, meh TBH, it didn't really pick up until the second guitar came in at bar 65, which is when it started to sound really great.
Part E: Loved that riff, drums fit in perfectly, this part was perfect.
Part F: For a simple arpeggio this worked surprisingly well. The transition between parts E and F was a bit sudden however, maybe just add another bar at the end of part E to make it sound 'ready to move on?'

Crit one of mine? (either the piano/harpsichord one or the hard rock one )