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I just finished wiring up my Strat with Mike Richardson's awesome setup:
(The first wiring diagram)

But I'm having problems with the final detail which is left out of the drawing.
He shows two arrows that say "To Vol." but no indication where they go on the vol pot, or where the jack wires go to.

Any guitar wiring gurus out there like to take a stab at this?

Thank you,
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Unfortunatly I can't read diagrams like that very well.

What I can tell you is that the hot wire from the switch goes to the one of the lugs. http://static.zoovy.com/img/guitarelectronics/-/wdu_sss5l12_01 In this diagram it would be the one on the far left.

The 2nd last digram has only one wire going to the volume pot, use that diagram.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Thanx for the reply. I modded the guitar using some of the concepts in the
link you posted and the VOL works, the pickups select properly, but now I
have a buzz. I fear there is a ground loop somewhere but am not
sure where... When I touch any grounded part of the guitar, the buzz stops.

(Invalid img)

Edit: OK, so the pic doesn't post. Is there something I've done wrong in
the image code?

Ascii drawing didn't work, so I'll describe it: looking down on the back of the vol pot, with the lugs pointing away
from you:

left lug: Ground
Middle lug: Jack Pin
right lug: Both points labelled (To.Vol) on Mike's diagram

1. Jack sleeve to ground
2. All chassis are grounded together by the pickguard (metallized shielding) so
I don't have any jumpers between them
3. Bridge ground to top of pot

I really appreciate the help... it's driving me NUTS!
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load the picture onto photobucket or imageshack. then put the url of the pic in between the img tags.
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Thanx for the info on photobucket... did that and here is the pic. I think it's a great set-up if I can just get it to work..