I like to make the name of my songs be kinda of a guide to my interpretation (cant spell sorry lol) of my lyrics although they can be seen differently. and if you look at the name of these lyrics and apply it to each stanza it could make some ...different sense. I like to make them koo like that sometimes lol. o ya i made this before the movie came out.


In the first of times
the stars fell from the skies

I wish we could forget this
But I know we both remember it

I cannot laugh I cannot cry
and Hell I've even tried


I cannot feel alive I cannot ever die
I have lost you at my side (I) abondoned both our lives

Life full of feeling it cannot be redeemed
Life it is so crass what happened to my past?

The stars will fall again and pass around evil for sin
we will not rise this time we've been deceived again


Deja Vu or forgotten memories
Deja Vu or forgotten enemies
Deja Vu or forgotten melodies
Deja Vu or fogotten you accidentl
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good song but really do avoid the double posting, it's nasty. I've done it before but i try to delete my post if i do. As a song I feel it's rather good, but the last line in the chorus, isn't all that amazing to me. Other than that, nice work.
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lol sorry about that thanks for just the warning and the feedback but in my opinion jamydude i think ur post was kinda worthless. no offense. lol

again sorry and thanks for the feedback i wont double post anymore and ill change that last line since it sucks.