Crit for crit people. Any input? I know it's short, but I like short stuff. I might elaborate on it if anyone thinks it's good enough to work on.
Very nice, i loved the tapping, created like a feeling of space.
For the riff from bar 3-6 the chords and diads on the G, B and e string jump at you too much, maybe change them from Forte to Mezzo Forte?
Nice percussive ideas in here. But it's the same with the notes on the 12th fret on the riff from bars 7-10, they jump out at you and kinda drown the riff out, which is a shame. I would suggest making them tapped harmonics if you use the RSE.
The ending was a bit sudden, but i take that it's not finished? If not, please elaborate, i think this would turn out great.

Thanks for the crit btw
that was sweeeet it sounded class, i dunno what your goin to do after that but what an intro.
Thanks for the crits. I took your advice and changed the diads to mezzo forte, and changed the 12th fret single notes at the end to tapped harmonics. As for being finished....I think it's as finished as it can be for a while. I want to add more, I just can't find where I want ti to go yet. Also, I'm not very good with writing out strumming patterns on GP5, so I'll probably add in some open strumming/tapping with a little percussive beating. Maybe then I can repeat some of the parts and call it a real song.