I was wondering how classic 80's bands get the rough and slightly whiney distortion so distinct to the 80's. Good examples of this sound would be the harder songs from the Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, or Poison. Basically any hair/glam rockers from the 80's.
-What effects do they use to make the sound?
-Is it dependent upon pedal, guitar, or amp?
-Could I make this using an Ibanez SZ (found Here), a basic Peavey Rage amp, and a Digitech RP80 modeling guitar processor?
-If so, what settings?

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they used old marshalls, no pedals, and kramers. thats what ive seen from a lot of those bands.
JCM 800's
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a tad bit of flange and a (very) little delay
The Marshalls were the key, Super Distortion pups, PAF PRos in the neck. Ibanez, Fat Strats, Washburns, Deans, Hamers, Kramers, Les Pauls, Jacksons same as it is now.
yeah as far as pups go the dimarzio super distortion will get you there. or atleast thats what i use for my scorpion covers and it works great.


Carvins are VERY 80's : D.
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