Sweet progressive metal band...just bought Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond and was very impressed. Check em out.

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Yeh i heard about these guys a month ago just about
pretty awesome stuff.
I love the video of him on the bass. crazy stuff
evidence of the unseen is insane
great band
Don't they have some influence on into eternity or something like that?
They are one of the few prog bands I like, I felt both of their albums where quite solid. Very good band, I was going to go to their concert but it got canceled.
I love this band. I've been a fan of them for a long while. I live on the east coast, and they live on the west coast, but I did manage to see them in concert- it was awesome. They are such nice guys- We actually got to meet them and talk with them for a long time (the show started at like 6:30 and their set started after midnight so we basically got to hang out with them for several hours). They are all realy nice- me and my friends were rockin out so hard that Troy, their bassist, kept on givin' us high fives, saying "you guys rule," and **** like that while they were playin- he even came off stage with his bass still on during the singer's solo and hugged a couple of my friends. Jasun is a big influence of mine- I've used his Chops from Hell instructional dvd- and I got to talk with him about his techniques (I basically told him that his sweeps were awesome). The singer, Chris Salinas, gave a great performance- he was just dripping in sweat, rockin' out really hard, and he is an unbelievable singer. These guys are so cool that after their show we got to talk with them some more and Troy kept on hugging everybody. Even though they're so good they are REALLY humble. I definitely want to see this band make it big because they are so awesome and they are cool guys. If you don't have it, definitely buy their cd "Towers of Avarice."