i just wanna ask how long does it take to get your ankle fully recovered after you sprained it or how long did it took you if you sprained your ankle before

doctor told me 3 weeks i had to rest and after that i was able to walk fine but my foot kind of hurts sometimes if i stretch i cant really stretch at 100% like i used to and i asked somebody how long did it take them to walk fine and person told me it never recovered fully and that it would not hurt like hell but it will always bother you all your

is this true or is just in this case of this person?

also what kind of exercises or stuff you guys did to rehabilitate your foot and have it as strong as before?

in other words tell me your experience with your sprained ankle or anything similar

any help is appreciated
If you break your ankle (like I did), the pain stays with you a bit, but I don't think that a sprained ankle will affect you much after you recover.
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ankles suck. i play a bunch of sports and i've broken my ankles 3 times between the two of them and sprained them countless times. take it easy! don't push yourself otherwise you'll make it worse and spend more time off it. it sucks, but not as bad as broken finger
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SOmetimes stuff can take quite a while to fully heal....especially when tendons are involved. Take my finger for example, i dislocated/broke/strained tendons in my left middle finger (middle joint) and that was almost 5 months ago and it still hurts and doesn't ahve complete mobility. it's still swollen too).

Just give it somet time, bue if there is no improvement, go back to see a doctor again.

Quote by BobDylanGuitar
but not as bad as broken finger

Tru dat!

It was my fretting hand too.
thnaks for reply guys probably the person kind of broke her ankle i jsut sprained it