finger weights?

i just bought some on ebay, cause ive wanted them for a while and i figure they work.. but has anyone here actually tried them before?

It's worth a try, i can't really see anything wrong with them if you don't mind throwing the money away if they don't work.
i really dont see how that will benefit.
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I'm guessing the concept is that the increased weight on your fingers will increase your finger strength in a shorter amount of time. interesting idea.
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i get a 30 day warranty..

so if i dont like em i get my money back... $52.95 btw.

Why not just tape...heavy things...to your fingers.
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That's really dumb.Looks like just another gimick item that you read about in the back of guitar world magazine.A waste of money.
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but shit like the gripmaster helped me
Same. I've heard that they can be bad for your hand too. I don't see anything wrong with just practicing normally though.
It looks extremely ridiculous, in the sense that it really isn't necessary. I suggest against them, it's very gimmicky.
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a stressball is all you need, looks less goofy too.

or a powerball, works great
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Sure, theyre great if you want to bend up 3 steps. Dexterity is more important than strength, they look like they really hinder ones playing, I wouldnt buy them at all.
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