Does anyone know much about this pickup?
is it good?
I play mostly speed/shred/thrash metal and classic rock, would this work well for me?
Overpriced piece of muddy shite if you ask me.

Bill Lawrence L-500XL FTW
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I dont own one personally but my friend does and for the styles you suggest their an absolute Dream handle distortion better than any pick up I've heard specially thrugh a tube amp. I have been told though you should be careful which tone wood you pair it up with. Like all pick ups you mix this baby with the wrong one and your screwed it'll sound shit.
It's definitely a piece of overpriced shite...with blade polepieces. If you absolutlely have to be up Dimebag's bum then get the L500-XL, if not Dimarzio D-Sonic, Super Distortion or Breed, Duncan Distortion or Custom
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