I've been playing guitar for over two years now, played consistently almost every day, and I have broken one string once. My friend on the other hand has been playing as long, is just as good as me, but he breaks strings so often its crazy. Is there anything I could help my friend do as to not break so many strings, because I don't know what his problem is, or mine?

And by the way we both use D'Addario .10s.
Check to see where hte strings are breaking. If it's at the bridge or nut, there may be a burr or some kind of sharp edge causing the break. It could also be bad string. I bought a 12 pack of Super Slinky's and every one of the B strings broke halfway up the neck. The next batch, no problems.
I'd reccomend buying from a different store. Only to see if maybe it's a bad batch of strings. I bought the next 12 pack from a different store and had no further problems. By the way, I now use DR strings and I've experienced no problems at all.
Maybe hes a bit abusive in his playing, but so am I and I don't break strings at all. I think his guitar is in pretty good shape but I'll tell him to check. Thanks for the tips.
in the middle? all of the strings ive ever broken have ever been at the bridge or the neck. Are your playing styles similar, like does he just beat the crap out of the strings when he plays them.