Ive got a Epiphone Les Paul that i bought used.

it had some problems like keys broken and no pick guard.

but the biggest and hardest the strap bolt on the neck has stripped.

how would i go about fixing the stripped hole?

i heard tooth picks.

wood filler.

or other??

if you have any info on how to help me it would be greatly appreciated!
Super glue! it fixed my old chavel that had the same prob!
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my father was right!

tooth picks!

put 2 tooth picks in the hole then tighten the strap screw back in!

works like a charm but permanent?

we will need to see in a few weeks if it sticks!
i also have a switch problem!

i bought it without a nob

and it broke one day.. not that big of a problem but i dont wanna rip it out and get a new one since the electrical.

could the top of it be replaced or i need the whole thing?
^ I can't understand the last sentence. But Epis are known for havign shitty electronics. Take it to a shop and get them to redo the electronics. As for the keys, I assume you mean the things you turn at the headstock of the guitar that the strings go into. Those are called tuners/tuning machines/tuning pegs, those are important to replace if they're broken, as they can make your tuning go wonky if they're problematic.
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Duct tape fixes everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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