Hello out there to all the awesome guitarists. My name is Dan and I've only been playing the guitar for about 5 months, so needless to say I don't know much. I was wondering if someone could tell me how your supposed to know when to change the tuning of your guitar when your trying to tab out a song. There are a couple of songs I'm messing around with on my own and they sound pretty close, then I look at the way other people have tabbed it and I see that they've dropped the tuning or something. How am I supposed to know when to do that and when not to? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
sometimes if you watch videos and see them playing a certain chord in a certain position and it sounds different from what you have you can tab it out relatively. i dont know if im being clear so if anyone else reads this and has a clearer way to say it, please do.

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Well, this goes in Musician Talk, but I think I can help you a little.

The easiest way to tell if a song is in an alternate tuning is to take a look at the band. If it is a band that has a lot of songs in a different tuning (like Stevie Ray Vaughan with Eb tuning) then it will probably be in their usual tuning.If you are not sure, listen for an open string. Open strings usually have a twangier, more trebley sound than a fretted note, and they have a little more sustain. Listen for the lowest note in the song, and try to find the note on your fretboard. If you tried and can't, then you probably need to tune down to get it. It is simple from there, you tune all of the other strings to that one.

If it is in drop D (or lower), it makes it a little harder. Just listen to the lowest note, and try to find if it makes a powerchord. If it does, chances are you are in drop D (unless you only tuned down a half step).

If you don't feel like you can do that yet, then just look at a tab, it makes it waay easer.

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thank you my good man, I'll give it try. oh, and I'll make sure to be in the right forum next time